Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kind, Good & having a big heart, thanks so much to all of you


They are my true friends, very talented designers, knows how to understand & willing to listen, supportive minted group (Minties)  & most of all they are amazing, real & true people. Trials came in my life and I don't know where to go, they gave me a big help & all the way support. I met them through minted (, a company with full of  beautiful, wonderful & awesome designs. I am very much thankful to them & I will not forget with all my life. A never ending "THANK YOU".
I will always all love you and grateful for all the things you did for me.

Please drop by to their shop in minted & buy the beautiful cards. Thanks again & God bless all Minties. Please click the link to direct to minted, to their SHOP & Profile in Minted :

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